We are dedicated to serving you with the best, and most balanced rations in the market so call as often as you need.
For larger operations we provide onsite-personalized evaluations to help determine a long-term planned TMR solution. Delivered on time, with the high quality you can always expect from BBCF.
TMR or Total Mixed Rations is a combination of Silage, Concentrate, and Minerals/Supplements. The balance of each of the components determines the particular output your ruminant would produce given its breed, condition, lactation period and life cycle. BBCF has brought to Pakistan, with the introduction of TMR, a complete solution towards the effective increasing of milk production as efficiently as possible. As a small independent farmer you would call in with information regarding the particular characteristics of your farm and cattle, and a BBCF specialist would advise you on exactly what blend of Silage, Concentrate, and Supplement is needed for optimal output.
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