Traceability has in the past been associated with crude methods for monitoring animals including bolus devices that were ingested many of which have now been banned.
Instead simple yet elegant methods involving tags, person centered databases, and RFID’s have replaced the aging systems of the past.
1. Register

As a private farm owner you simply register your, or your firms interest in becoming a part of CABROP from the BBCF homepage. Thereafter you will be contacted by a CABROP representative to verify your information, and assist you in determining your order size.
2. Approval

You pay half your order amount, and along with confirmation of payment your information is placed through an approval process (24hours). This will produce a login and password for CABROP that will be emailed to you, along with a hardcopy of the transaction. No need to worry, should you not be approved your money will be returned within 15 days along with a step by step method for acquiring approval.
3. Login › Order tags › Pickup

Login with your CABROP account login and password on the BBCF site, where you will find all the relevant information ready to go. You simply order your tags, which are dispatched within 4 days. Once the tags arrive you pick them up along with making the remaining payment.
4. Tag! And your ready to go!

If able, you can tag your herd yourself while inputting all the relevant data into the system or a CABROP certified vet is sent to your location to tag, and input the data into the system. No need to worry, CABROP always assures timely, professional service. And you are ready to go!
Only 150Rs per tag!
For larger organizations or government orders more steps can be introduced to accommodate your particular set-up and deployment needs. No need to worry, BBCF will manage all aspects of your CABROP order and ensure timely, personalized service to give you tailored advantage.
With this you will be provided tags each personalized for your herd, using the high quality tamper proof tags produced by Allflex, a monitoring system accessible online with tiered access and an ability to connect with your corporate database of choice. A host of redundant servers manage the system round the clock, and if needed an automatic backup system can be provided for your corporate needs. This complete solution goes one step further to allow purchasing of optional RFID tracking for the discerning user. Enjoy a product able to stand international scrutiny and be safe in placing your brand upon a product about which you are knowledgeable.
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