Traceability (trace'abil'ity n.)
the ability to trace and follow a food, feed, food-producing animal or substance intended to be, or expected to be incorporated into a food chain or, through all the stages of production, processing, and distribution
Modern farms and facilities are slowly making the transition to producing their goods under conditions that allow regular audits to ensure produce is fit for purpose, traceable and that there are controls in place to avoid contamination that may affect food safety or animal welfare. The first, and key, step towards establishing such a regime and quality standard is to implement a system that allows particular identification of the source of a product. BBCF brings into this area their expertise in state-of-the-art animal traceability to allow any food product the ability to retain a direct link to the original farm and animal. Whether a simple glass of milk, or a fine cut of Belgian Blue beef, BBCF traceability guarantees a transmission chain that is pure and immediately accessible.
This validated system provides step-by-step verification and monitoring from the moment an animal enters the system, to the point an eventual product is consumed. Pasture to Plate, Conception to Consumption, BBCF traceability is unmatched in its guarantee to provide effective control on a herd population, its habits, experiences, and use.
As an example if a potential food safety incident occurs, systems will be in place to immediately identify where the suspected product has been delivered, trace forward, and using distinguishing codes can allow for fast recognition of the batch in question. An immediate recall and health safety warning can be issued. The cause of the failure can then be ascertained through a detailed history stored within the traceability system including any health or safety incidents in the past. The system is so secure that it also provides international traceability built into it, allowing any user of the BBCF traceability program the ability to export their produce, even after processing, to the most stringent standards of international quality.
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