2012 News

We have been selected to supply the traceability system / tags to PLDDB (Punjab Livestock and Dairy Development Board)

2011 News

We have signed an agreement with Lahore Meat Company (now known as PAMCO, Punjab Agriculture and Meat Company) to supply to all their animals the traceability / tags system


First shipment of tags has been delivered to PAMCO

2010 News

We have supplied traceability / tags for five cooperative farms to Cholistan Development Authority


We have supplied traceability / tags for BISP (Benazir Income Support Programme)


MOU has been signed with NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) Islamic Republic of Pakistan, relating to:

  1. Animal identification systems and solutions
  2. Other related projects on a case-by-case basis
  3. Data acquisition and storage
  4. Animal identification methods
  5. RFID and 2D barcode technology
  6. Linkage of existing CABROP animal identification system to existing NADRA database
  7. Other related solutions

2009 News

BBCF has signed an exclusivity agreement with FERABOLI S.P.A, Italy, as their sole representative for Pakistan.  Feraboli is a recognized brand which produces some of the best Single Row, Double Row, and Three Row tractor mounted maize forage harvesters.

BBCF has also placed an order for a Maize silage Baler which will arrive at our site in March 2010.

In this same period BBCF has also become the sole representative of KEENAN Ltd UK. Keenan is known for producing the best mixing feeding wagons. Together with Keenan BBCF will help farmers have the opportunity to maintain year-round Fodder supply.  


BBCF has signed an exclusivity agreement with ORKEL A/S, Norway, as their sole representative for Pakistan.  Orkel is the world leader for Maize silage balers.  The Orkel baler technology has been responsible for revolutionizing Maize silage technology.  Due to Orkels efforts silage can now be transported almost anywhere in bales.


BBCF has successfully concluded a strong showing at the 6th International Buffalo Congress, which was held in Lahore at the Buffalo Research Institute, Pattoki.  BBCF’s stall had excellent exposure and garnered the interest of the Speaker of the Punjab Assembly, the Punjab Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, the Secretary of Livestock Punjab, and many international visitors from over 20 countries.  Grass roots efforts were highly successful with interest from many progressive farmers both medium and small in size. 


BBCF has signed an agreement with HACCP North, Belgium, to work as a  joint venture partnership in Pakistan for Food Safety Agency.  BBCF and HACCP have committed to invest 20 million Euros jointly in this project.  BBCF will be responsible for traceability through tagging, and record keeping of all animals, while HACCP will be responsible for training of Pakistani personnel.  This formidable alliance will allow the creation of a model slaughterhouse, dairy processing unit and state of the art lab.


BBCF is proud to announce that a tri-party MoU was signed in Belgium between BBCF, Lahore, Pakistan, UVAS, Lahore, Pakistan and the University of Liege, Belgium.

BBCF will act as a catalyst to facilitate both institutions creating a student exchange, while also developing a program for, farm Assistants, Breeding and Training final year students.  BBCF will provide a practical training facility at the farm in Pattoki.


BBCF has signed a Public Private Partnership agreement with the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS), Lahore, Pakistan, to run a commercial Agriculture and Livestock farm at Ravi Campus Pattoki.

This venture will provide a scalable Model Farm of the highest standard and will pave the way for public-private relationships which show proven commercial viability.  This state of the art farm will contain Breed Improvement facilities and practical training facilities for UVAS students in their respective fields.  BBCF and UVAS will also run an EMPOWER project in all villages within a 15 mile radius of Ravi Campus.  This holistic project will assist farmers to alleviate poverty through Livestock, improvement of animal management techniques, growing and ensiling fodder.

BBCF will take over in December 2009.


An additional office has been opened in Islamabad to cope with the increased interest and demand for our projects, and products. Miss Rizwana Kausar has been appointed our branch manager therein.

Orders to implement our traceability system on the following Farms have been received:

1. Livestock and Dairy Products (LDP) Kasur
2. Gausia Dairy Farm Lahore
3. Eagle Dairies, Lahore


During 2008 – 2009, a number of organizations, such as PDDC, LDDB, UNDP, USAID, Crops Maximization from the Federal department of Agriculture, have visited our farm and village. Everyone, wishing to enjoy the success they have witnessed Empower achieve, are attempting to replicate the project across various areas in Pakistan.  We have been approached by many of these organizations to offer assistance.


During 2008 – 2009, we have met number of figures in Federal and Provincial Livestock Departments, from Ministers, Secretaries, DG’s and other responsible people to increase awareness regarding Empower Projects and its successful application across the country.

2008 News

CEO of LDDB, Dr. Afzal visited Sarja Marja to view the successful running of the Empower Project.


We are glad to announce the introduction of traceability for all animals in Sarja Marja. Upon tagging recording commenced for breed, milk, meat, and any medical history.


A detailed presentation was given to the Chief Minister of Punjab regarding EMPOWER projects, and the use of mechanization and good management practices. Our CEO Capt. Jaffar Chaudhry was elected Co-Chairman for 2008-2009 of the Dairy and Livestock committee in the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI).


Silage making has now been introduced by BBCF across Punjab, with clients such as: Nestle, Sapphire Dairies, Royal-Dairies, Livestock and Dairy Products.  We have also successfully supplied TMR to landless Farmers and small Landowners at very competitive prices.  This has assisted in producing more milk at much lower costs thereby freeing time to work elsewhere in order to increase income.


Selected milking animals were separated and were fed silage and concentrate for a balanced ration according to the requirement of the animal. We very successfully raised the daily milk production of the animal, while also reducing the costs considerably.


BBCF is the FIRST to make silage IN ALL OF PAKISTAN.
Assisted each member to get a loan of Rupees 150,000.00 collateral free only on personal guarantee. Askari bank was kind enough to lend the money to each member in the village community.
Total Milk production in the village went up from 322 liters per day to 1080 liters per day.


Discussions with all villagers in SARJA MARJA completed and a steering committee of six members was selected. This was to start a community Farm. Organizing into a community has assisted villagers to empower themselves to raise their income through good management of livestock.


All machinery for mechanization has been acquired and a Home Farm established.

2007 News

Laser leveling of land for fodder growing has commenced and is expected to be completed soon.
We are also PROUD to announce exclusive authorized representative agreements for Pakistan have been completed with the following firms:
A: Biotal Ltd. (Silage Inoculants)
B: Fabdec. Ltd. (Animal Heat Detection systems)
C: Cabrop Ltd. (Traceability -Tags and recording systems, for Milk, Meat, Breed, and disease).
D: Tithebarn Ltd. (Animal Mineral Supplements)
E: Liege University Belgium. (Farm Assistant Training Program).


The soil and water analysis have been completed along with farm layout and planning.


The Belgian Blue Cattle Farms Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd was formed and registered with SECP (Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan).
Mr. Abdul Nasir was employed as assistant Manager Administration
Mr. Fiaz Ahmed Chaudhry was appointed as Assistant Farm Manager


In March 2007, the negotiations were completed with Belgian Blue Group who have, after exhaustive evaluations, named BBCF-Pak as their exclusive authorized representative in Pakistan both for know-how and products. Rights have been further awarded to use the Belgian Blue logo and name exclusively in Pakistan.

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