Silage, its production and its appreciation, is an art form the world over, and our teams bring together people for whom this art is an obsession.
As those in the world of silage will often comment, the smell of silage itself, like a fine wine, reveals its true nature and the passion of its creator.
Silage: is a fermented high moisture fodder that is fed to cattle, buffalos and small ruminants. It is fermented and stored in a process called ensiling and is made from any green fodder, maize corn and whole crop. Maize silage provides significantly more energy than ordinary fodder and has proven to revolutionize farming in the west.
BBCF produces high quality silage at 20% to 35% dry matter in order to produce the optimal high-energy yield available from either corn or whole crops. We use carefully prepared, consistent quality maize and begin the chopping process when the whole plant still retains the corn within the cob itself. Thereby ensuring a perfect moisture and energy condition. The plant material is collected and is precision chopped into pieces 1.3 cm long. In this process we use full mechanization, including both tractor drawn units, and Pakistanís only large self-propelled forage harvester to collect the plant material efficiently.
The duration between chopping and ensiling is essential, and here the upmost care is taken under constant supervision by trained professionals to ensure the fastest ensiling in Pakistan today. The compacted material undergoes a fermentation process after-which an energy rich, yet highly palatable product is created. Only the best inoculants are used to encourage a rapid fermentation replacing the outdated methods of salt and molasses inclusion. The upmost care is taken to ensure a completely airtight and thus swift fermentation process which results in minimum feed value losses. Depending on the circumstances of your particular order, and the location of your farm, ensiled material can either be delivered, or chopped and compacted using tractors and pits created on site.
Pre-sealing, Compaction, Fermentation, and site management, our team delivers a clockwork precise product including bunker creation, or particular bagging requirements for onsite production, and a dependable high quality product for offsite delivery.
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