BBCF is committed to providing the latest in heat detection technology that also provide reliable dependable results.
It is not always possible to identify animals that are in heat or need to be inseminated naturally or artificially. This often leads to prolonged periods of inefficient production and potential loss of earnings. Modern farms expect a 365 day calving target period, or one calf per year from the age of two. Cows, which have a natural cycle of 17days, and Buffalo, with a 20day natural cycle, can vary their cycles depending upon conditions and seasonality. Simply running a bull with a herd does not always achieve the necessary results. Heat detection, therefore, can produce mixed results for even the most astute observer, and requires state-of-the-art monitoring methods to maintain a high level of productivity.
The animal is fitted with a transponder around its neck or collar, this transponder records the movements of the animal and on a regular basis passes the information to a small computer system. Software then analyses the data, and uses the latest predictive modeling to compare the movement of the animal between normal and heat conditions. This produces quantifiable results that allow for detecting the most opportune time to inseminate or turn the female to the bull for natural service. Upon a resulting pregnancy the collar can be removed and used on other animals. This highly effective heat detection system is fully field tested on Buffalo used to produce milk for Mozzarella cheese production in Italy.
BBCF is proud to offer this exceptional product for farms with large numbers of Buffalos and Cattle that face fertility problems. Keep in mind that fertility problems are usually associated with mineral deficiencies in the ration being fed to the Cow or Buffalo, and attention to diet can often prevent the difficulties associated with heat detection. Feel free to contact BBCF to help determine where your particular problem lies so that the most effective solution whether it is excellently balanced TMR or the latest in Heat detection technology, can be recommended for you by our reputable professionals.
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