BBCF helps maximizes crop yield and releases valuable land for alternative cash crop production!
In the past silage was made by adding salt or molasses to the crop in an attempt to make it more palatable or to try and prevent spoilage. Here at BBCF we employ only the most modern technologies and achieve excellent ensiling through good management without the addition of salts or acids.
Ensiling is a natural process whereby natural bacteria already present on the fodder under anaerobic conditions converts sugars present in the crop to acid. This lowers the pH of the crop to a level where natural spoilage does not occur, similar to mango pickle!These beneficial bacteria can be added to the crop to ensure a fast fermentation resulting in minimal loss of nutriment from the ensiled crop.
By linking with the internationally recognized leader in the field of inoculants production, Biotal UK, BBCF continues its tradition of providing only the best in range of products for maize, whole crops oats and burseem that are specific to growing conditions in Pakistan. BBCF can, therefore, ensure that crops ensiled at their maximum feeding potential are preserved naturally until needing to be fed.
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