Join the Belgian Blue revolution today, and become part of a tradition of breeding committed to quality and productivity the world over.
Enjoy the benefits of having one of the most exclusive breeds in your farm and reap the rewards that result in greater profitability for you the farmer!
The Belgian Blue was created in 1900 when the British Short Horn was crossed with the indigenous cows resident in Belgium. AI techniques developed in 1953 allowed bulls to be selected for their ability to produce more meat, thereby paving the way to higher productivity. Testing stations built in the 60ís resulted in Belgian Blue being the most accurately recorded and indexed beef breed in the world.
Thanks to a natural ability to convert food more efficiently than any other breed, the Belgian Blue astonishes by producing the highest meat to bone ratio percentage than any other breed. Yet the Belgian Blue consumes the same amount of food as any other breed, whilst remaining very docile in nature. It has been noted that the meat of a Belgian Blue is lower in cholesterol and calories than fish or chicken. The Belgian Blue is no lightweight in milk production either, with pure breeds producing over 3500lts and the mixed type producing more than 4500lts.
Seeking to break further ground in this wondrous breeds recognition Belgian Blue Group Belgium officially accredited Belgian Blue Cattle Farms Pakistan (Pvt), BBCF Pak, to be their sole representative in Pakistan. Under the careful care of BBCF you can rest assured that your use of the breed will result in more meat more efficiently. Results show that successful crosses have been made with Holstein, Limousin, Hereford, Simmental, Nelore, Brahman, Bonsmara and crossing results with the Sahiwal and Cholistani will be no different. With its naturally high efficiency for ration to weight gain, the Belgian Blue cross can be ready for slaughter at a remarkable 18months of age. Studies from Hibbs Analytical Laboratories conclusively show Belgian Blue to contain less than half the cholesterol and calories compared to an equivalent Angus joint while remarkably retaining comparable protein values.
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