As usual, BBCF takes the upmost care and attention to detail to cover every aspect of the modern dairy farmers or large farming operations needs.
Beef enterprises are not overlooked either, and management for interests in feedlots among others are also included.
Farming profitably requires the accurate recording of both inputs, such as feed and medicines, and outputs such as milk or meat. BBCF can supply made-to-spec efficiently running software to record all aspects of profitable farming. A dairy package is available to the farmer or organization seeking to maximize its profits in every way, and can allow for recording of individual milk production, recording of events such as inseminations and worming, plus predicting total milk yield for the herd over various periods in the year.
Naturally all programs can be linked to CABROP, and upon initiation of the Ministries national milk recording program can allow comparative performance analysis right from the onset. This remarkable system links together, in a single family, total management for field, planting, Dairy, Beef, Sheep and even accounting.
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